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How to do self Study?

July 22, 2020

Self learning or self study is an assured way to make things work for you. It is a license to progress and good fortune! Self study has enormous value in today’s era. It is defined as learning by yourself without


July 22, 2020

Meditation is a powerful tool to bring peace and serenity within oneself! All the successful people in the world advocate this subtle practice. Numerous studies and theory have proved that meditation is a testament to success and happiness. All life coaches or scholars and Gurus have given subsequent evidence that shows psychological advantages as well as overall well being of an individual through meditation. Meditation helps relieve stress, anxiety and depression and improves our concentration, uplift our mood and enhance vitality.

Time management during IIT exam

July 22, 2020

Since childhood we have been taught about the importance of Time, through stories, poems, quotes, lessons and lectures.