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July 22, 2020

How to do self Study?

Self learning or self study is an assured way to make things work for you. It is a license to progress and good fortune! Self study has enormous value in today’s era. It is defined as learning by yourself without anybody teaching you anything. The process of self learning gives a tremendous level of confidence. It is through exploration and learning one could understand the complex nature of things and simplify as per self understanding. It can be fun as well as challenging. So if you are interested in enhancing your self study process, we readily give you tips and tricks that will not only help you with self learning efforts but also help you master any topic, subject or skill.

1. Motivation is the key

– In order to learn something worthwhile, you need to be self motivated. Meaning any learning can be easy if you yourself are motivated and are in urgency to learn that particular topic or art.

2. Gather Knowledge

– In today’s scenario you have access to a lot of information via google,internet,etc. Plus we can collect information from library, newspaper, magazines , database, encyclopedia ,relevant books or other sources. So gather knowledge from any available sources and proceed with learning.

3. Adopt various styles of learning

– In this technology powered time, you can adopt different styles of learning by mixing different techniques and resources like reading textbooks, reference notes, video tutorials, online sources or digital books. This will help you keep track of subject or topic and also improve your retention power.

4. Multitasking impairs your learning ability

– The secret to making self study time more productive is to focus on just one task at a time. So if you are using the internet for studying then resist texting your friends or checking your social media feeds. Don’t eat or listen to music while studying so that your sessions turn out to be more productive.

5. Take regular breaks

– Regular breaks can help enhance your focus time and increase productivity. Divide your study time into smaller spans of 40 – 60 minutes each with a 5-10 minute quick break to walk around, drink water, snack munching or have a quick chat. This way you can easily manage your day’s goal plus you set up for a fresh start the next day.

Time is precious! The way we spend our time defines what we become! So the idea of self study is not to spend every waking hour glued to your books but to make your study hours count by learning effortlessly and effectively. We all are students throughout our life so disciplined self study is the ideal way to pursue all life goals.